Music competitions on needabeat

Music competitions

Ever heard of crowdsourcing? Needabeat is bringing this innovative concept to the music industry by hosting our very own music contests. Anyone and everyone can create contests and join in on the action.

The saying in the music industry is “It’s not what you know, it’s who”. Looks like the game has now changed. With music competitions, music producers and artists can now collaborate instantly and without the tedious time and energy it took in the past to create tracks. One of the more creative places for artists and music producers to hookup is needabeat . This is a site where artists and producers host music competitions online to find the best of what they need. No more hosting auditions in the garage or wasting time in the studio with a producer who may not understand what you need. This place has it all and you control the action.

Let’s say you are an artist and you have a good song, but no music. You head to needabeat and go to the marketplace. You host a music competition for a great R&B track. You give the producers an idea of what you are looking for and they compete for the cash prize you offer. You pick the best one and now you have a beat to your song. How could that be possibly any easier? No studio time, no wasted hours, and no stress. And best part is: That same producer could also be for hire through the “producers and singers” section of the site. Finding someone to work with long term is now much simpler.

On the flip side: You are a vocalist and you’re a bit tired of the choir. You can browse the music competitions section and find someone looking for good vocals for a hook or even the full track. You enter the competition and put your voice to good use. If you win, you are now immortalized in song. Who knows where that may lead to?

Needabeat is perfect for anyone looking to collaborate in the music industry. Their music competitions bring artists, musicians, vocalists, and songwriters together like never before. You can win cash prizes, and even bring your career to a new level. Who knows what new supergroup may come through this site? It could even include you.


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